The endless debate about whether dogs or cats are better pets will always keep going, but I’m here to tell you that I think they are BOTH great and they are BOTH hilarious.

I will say on the record, however, that cats are definitely much weirder than dogs and their behavior makes for great Snapchat material.

Oh, you don’t believe me?

Well, let’s take a look at the evidence…

1. Never goes as planned, does it?

We have a fight on our hands, ladies and gents.

Just a typical family photo with our furbabies… from funny

2. He looks pretty pissed off about not having that other sleeve done.

You’ll get it done, cheer up a little bit!

"Saving up to get my other sleeve done" from aww

3. This cat needs to get back inside PRONTO!

Looks like this fella is sinking in quicksand.

LET ME IN! from pics

4. A feline optical illusion.

Look very closely to find out what’s going on here.

Upon further inspection, her paws are not really orange from aww

5. We all need to do this at some point.

I personally think it’s a great idea.

So.. I paid for a professional photoshoot of my cat, no regrets from aww

6. Wait your turn in line, little guy.

I’m impressed with how this cat is waiting so patiently.

Who sent the cat to buy milk? from pics

7. Care to explain what happened here?

Well, this is how the story started…

Meanwhile, back at the house…… from aww

8. That is really rude!

But also pretty funny…

9. He has returned!

Look at the size of that cat!

The prophecy spoke of his return from aww

10. You got that, pal?

Are you intimidated yet?

Don’t talk to me or my son every again. from aww

11. The secret stash.

Now you’re in big trouble.

Miso is on diet. I found his stash. from aww

12. What the hell are you doing in there?

Always up to no good…

This is my cat…. This is not my house. from cats

13. That’s a smart cat.

Also a very desperate cat.

Cat turned on video doorbell after getting locked out from aww

14. Simba, you’re not doing your job…

It is pretty cute, though…

I adopted Simba to hunt around the house. Instead, he became a friend with this mouse. from aww

I can say that cats never really let me down with their weird behavior.

They are very odd creatures, that’s for sure…

Will you do us a favor?

In the comments, please share a photo of your feline friend and introduce us to them!

We can’t wait to meet your buddies!