As 2020 grinds on, the only thing we can all seem to agree on is that it’s been UGLY. And SAD. Not to mention very difficult for a lot of people out there.

But did we see it coming?

Some folks sure seem to think so, and here’s the proof: the “2020 as Told By” memes.

It looks like movies and TV shows might’ve had a bit of impressive foresight into how crazy this year was going to be.

So maybe it would do us all a lot of good to pay close attention to movies and TV shows so we can predict what pitfalls we’ll experience in 2021.

Enjoy these memes…and try to stay positive!

1. As told by Marvel.

Did you see this coming?

2. Up Schitt’s Creek.

We should have listened!

3. I guess it’s not always sunny…

They were right!

4. Of course they got it right.

Mulder and Scully for the win!

5. Good luck with that.

Parks and Rec was right…

6. “That was boring…”.

You have no idea.

7. Time to mask up!

Hey, it looks good on you!

8. This is pretty good.

They nailed it!

9. Doom. Indeed.

All doom, all the time.

10. Mamma Mia!

Who says musicals can’t be prophetic?

11. A flu virus…

Also, Earth is cancelled.

12. As told by Mr. Woodhouse.

Next time, listen to this guy.

13. Listen to John.

All the hits and more.

Those are hilarious! Don’t you think so?!?!

Have you seen any other good “2020 as Told By” memes?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!