You can spend hours and hours scrolling through Twitter, looking for good content. It can be really exhausting sometimes because you have to get through all the crap before you occasionally stumble upon a real gem.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that, my friends! Because we’ve compiled some of the best tweets from 2010 until today.

It’s all right here! So get going, slugger!

1. That blank stare.

2. “It’s Cold” would’ve been good.

3. That’s the one…

4. Keep it cool.

5. You showed her.

6. That would be amazing.

7. He’s very sensitive.

8. You’re an expert at this.

9. The original Jackass.

10. Wonder what he did…

11. I’m a huge fan of this.

12. Shadow in the doorway.

13. Silky smooth.

14. That adds up.

15. Genius!

What are some of your favorite tweets from the past decade?

Let us know in the comments, por favor!