Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to be all grown up?

Like me, you probably thought it would be a never-ending party full of fun and games. And then…you realize it’s nothing like that at all and reality sets in. Being an adult can be a real drag, huh?

These tweets about adultiing should make you laugh…and maybe cry just a little bit.

1. What am I even doing here?

2. What’s the point of this?

3. $$$$$$$$$$

4. Tell me what I’m doing wrong.

5. Yes, pretty much.

6. The trifecta.

7. Now I get it…

8. Knickknacks for days.

9. Gonna start very soon.

10. A truthful haiku.

11. Let’s see where this one came from…

12. Ehhhh, it is what it is.

13. This is lame.

14. Sometimes even 8:30.

15. All the good stuff.

Do us a big favor: tell us about the most painful lesson you learned after you officially became an adult.

Let’s compare notes!