We’ve all been burned by online shopping before. Whenever you click “submit my order,” you’re taking a leap of faith that the item you receive will actually be the item you ordered. It’s a story so common it’s often not even worth telling people about, but for Jeremy Russel Priola of Pittsburgh, PA, his wrong item was so hilariously off base, and his reaction was so excellent, we had to share.

All Jeremy wanted was a simple tank top so he could take the pythons out for a walk. Here’s what he got instead:

Photo Credit: Someecards

That’s a “bandage dress” made out of Lycra, if you’re keeping score at home. It’d be perfect, if Jeremy needed something to wear to a seedy night club on Hollywood Blvd. But it probably isn’t much good for working out.

Jeremy posted the photo of himself in the dress to his Facebook page, writing “On the plus side it does make my butt look great.” Silver lining? Sure.

You can kinda see how the mistake happened. The top part of the dress does resemble a tank top, but that’s where the similarities stop. The only person who might reasonably mistake a dress for a tank top is The Man With The World’s Longest Torso (which The Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t seem to keep track of. A pity.)

Most people who saw Jeremy’s Facebook post got a good laugh out of it, and some even thought the dress might look good on themselves, but one person had a helpful tip for all online shoppers, writing, “Bruh, when they Photoshop the colors, you are more than likely not getting the exact product you paid for.”

Words to live by. Happy shopping out there, folks. And, we hope Jeremy and his Bicepticons got the tank top they needed.

h/t: Someecards