Benjaminknight posted this picture of a Dory (from Pixar’s Finding Dory) night light on Imgur, writing that he’d bought it for a friend’s daughter. It’s a cute blue fish, just like Dory herself, right?

Photo Credit: Imgur,benjaminknight

Well, maybe not so much in the dark. Benjaminknight wrote that when he got it home and turned it on, he almost had a heart attack. Look how cute the Dory fish is when transformed…

Photo Credit: Imgur,benjaminknight

…into an EVIL DORY NIGHTMARE. More like Escaping Dory because NO THANKS. Yikes.

Good thing he noticed before presenting the item to a young, impressionable girl who might never be able to rid herself of the memory of demon Dory staring at her with its dead, empty eye sockets.

“Night, night, honey! Want your night light on?” “NO WAY MOM, PLEASE NO, I’LL BE GOOD, I PROMISE! SEE, SLEEPING ALREADY, HONKSHOOO, HONKSHOO” (that’s what kids sound like when they pretend snore).

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