Ever wonder why we have eyebrows? Science has the answer: as early humans evolved, eyebrows allowed them to convey the subtle and complex emotions that are essential for communication.

But in more recent times, eyebrows have another purpose: fashion accessories for your face! Instagram is full of amateur and professional beauticians who have been inventing new and fantastical ways to decorate the strips of hair above our eyes. Like Halo Brows.

Photo Credit: hannahdoesmakeupp

With the holidays rapidly approaching, these brow artisans have been inspired to create some seasonally inspired looks. And that’s how we ended up with Christmas Tree Eyebrows.

Photo Credit: taytay_xx

Instagram and Youtube beautician taytay_xx is credited with inventing the technique. She shared the above photo, asking her followers, “Christmas Tree Eyebrows: yes or no?” And the answer was a resounding “yes,” as people all across the ‘gram decorated their mugs with evergreens.

Below, you can check out several examples of Christmas Tree Eyebrows, (via Bored Panda), along with some other holiday-inspired eyebrow styles. Putting a tree on your face has never been easier!


1. Every Christmas tree needs a star topper.

Photo Credit: blendbeautybarbr

2. Green glitter brings it all together.

Photo Credit: justfabvik

3. You can’t have too many ornaments.

Photo Credit: Sad And Useless

4. These look just as good as the real thing!

Photo Credit: leiracosplays

5. Possibly inspired by A Charlie Brown Christmas?

Photo Credit: resnichka_katy

6. If you’re not risking an electrocution, you’re not really trying.

Photo Credit: melimsurdy

7. He’s got a present for you. Two, actually.

Photo Credit: mixamarillo

8. Deck your brows with boughs of holly.

Photo Credit: jupuv

9. Every time she shakes her head, pine needles fall to the ground.

Photo Credit: Sad And Useless

10. For bonus points, you can try Christmas-themed mascara.

Photo Credit: mila.stuff

11. If you have a beard, why not make it match your brows?

Photo Credit: Sad And Useless

12. Just a couple of festive face caterpillars.

Photo Credit: dawsonaa

13. They look so good a cat will probably try to climb them.

Photo Credit: sophiaaleese

14. She didn’t want to feel left out.

Photo Credit: Sad And Useless

15. And if Christmas Trees Brows aren’t your thing, why not try Santa Hat Brows?

Photo Credit: hannahdoesmakeupp






h/t: Bored Panda and Pizza Bottle