Who doesn’t love a new, fresh idea?

Hey, I’m all about anything that’s created to make our lives a little bit easier.

And you’re about to see some clever inventions and ideas that are so good they might even restore your faith in humanity again….MAYBE.

Well, let’s hope so, because we sure were impressed by all of these.

Let’s take a look!

1. Clean up some trash, then you can get some coffee.

I’m on board for this one!

Free coffee in exchange for some rubbish from mildlyinteresting

2. I wish we had these in the U.S.

A brilliant idea!

These traffic lights in the Ukraine. from pics

3. Have a drink, pooch!

Hey, they get thirsty on walks, too.

The design of this water fountain let’s the water flow down so dogs can drink too from mildlyinteresting

4. I’m sure truck drivers appreciate this.

Heads up, folks!

This sign is 100% necessary from funny

5. Saves a lot of time.

And a lot of frustration…

My new desk’s parts came separated by steps instead of by item. from mildlyinteresting

6. Makes getting to the water a little bit easier.

I like this one!

The town next to mine just installed an accessibility matt on the beach for wheelchairs and strollers from mildlyinteresting

7. This is what you’re putting in your mouth.

Good to know!

This Toothpaste describes what each of its ingredient is and its purpose from mildlyinteresting

8. Get a head start to the elevator!

You gotta love this one!

This elevator has a call button 30 ft away so the doors will be open by the time you get to them. from mildlyinteresting

9. I always end up leaning a chair on it.

No more of that!

The design of the curtains in my hotel room to ensure that there is no annoying light gap in the middle from mildlyinteresting

10. In case you have your hands full.

You won’t drop anything anymore.

This elevator has buttons you can kick from mildlyinteresting

11. Before you hit the streets.

Safety first!

In Copenhagen there is a childrens bicycling playgroud, where they can practice bicycling in the city, and learn the rules, before they enter the streets ?‍♂️ from mildlyinteresting

12. Have a seat.

Go ahead and take a load off!

This fence is shaped to create seating. from mildlyinteresting

13. Take your time crossing the street.

Some folks are a little bit slower than others.

Seniors can extend crossing time for this 8 lane highway from mildlyinteresting

What did you think of these ideas and inventions?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

And if you’ve seen some other cool ideas and inventions lately, please share them with us. Thanks a lot!