I’m going to give you fair warning: prepare to avert your eyes from these photos. You can take a peek, but don’t stare too long. You might damage your eyes permanently, like looking directly into the sun.

So, without further ado, I present to you, furry nails!

PS: I’m very sorry.

1. Very festive! Just in time for Halloween!

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#4 Brisa and Beyond Gel Nails ** go vote for me link is in bio!! LAST CHANCE FOR VOTING! This set I was most excited about, Brisa Gel came out in the early 2000’s and that is my era, so I had lots of thoughts for these nails. We were asked to take a crystal ball look into the future. I know there is no way to tell the future but there is a pattern in the fashion world that everything comes back around in a new invented way. So I really anted to sit back and take a look at the early 2000’s and think about what was most iconic about this time. My experience is Nsync, TLC, Missy Elliot, Furr hooded jackets, cool sunglasses, Bratz dolls, low ride jeans, random Mandarin character tattoos and who could forget the nail trends. The nail trends that stuck out to me and yes my friends were getting this in middle school, was square nails, french tips and airbrushed dolphins and playboy bunny’s, because for some reason every Nail salon had those same stencils. It was also a time when cellphones were starting to become easily accessible so of corse everyone had corded phones and landlines. I wanted to take all these inspirations and put my own modern twist on them to predict the future with this set. I wanted to include some glass i saved from a car accident i was in to use to this project to represent my future of moving on from the past. @nailsmagazine @cndworld #cnd #cndbrisagel #gelnails #noacrylic #brisagel #shellac #phonenails #phonecord #furrynails #furrnails

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2. Looks like a dead animal.

3. Are you playing a werewolf?

4. Pom pom-style.

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#furrynails dont care!!

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5. How can you get anything done, though?

6. A total freak show.

7. This is actually pretty disturbing.

8. She’s covering her face with her new paws.

9. Troll fingers, perhaps?

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Pom-Pom NAILZZZZ! ???

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10. Okay, one more…very odd…

Woo! That was quite an experience, wasn’t it?

What are some other weird/awkward beauty trends that people need to know about?

Fill us in!