Do you need some more excitement in your life?

A little more energy to shake the cobwebs out of your brain?

Hey, join the club, ladies and gents. It’s been a rough year for everyone and I think excitement is just what the darn doctor ordered.

So do you want to enjoy some electric memes that are nothing short of fantastic?

Get started now!

1. I want to be the best!

Or, you know, the mushroom analogy thing.

2. I think you did the right thing.

No doubt about it…

3. Why aren’t you a cat lover?

That’s not a good personality trait to have.

4. Are you sure you looked everywhere?

I could have sworn I saw them around here recently…

5. This is always infuriating.

That’s when you just throw the whole thing out the window.

6. “Wearing a nice sweater.”

You have hit the big time, sir.

7. One of the hardest things in life to deal with.

Please come back here! I’m begging you!

8. This sums up life in general.

For many of us…

9. The new 7 Deadly Sins.

Which one do you do the most?

10. Hang on tight, everyone!

It’s about to get bumpy!

11. Is she still in jail?

Sabotaging Mom, huh? That’s a new one.

12. Wasn’t prepared for this.

Yeah, it’s kind of annoying, isn’t it?

Okay, you know the drill…

Now it’s your turn! Your turn to make us laugh!

In the comments, share the funniest tweet you’ve seen lately that really made you LOL.

We can’t wait to hear from you!