As usual, women on Twitter are making us laugh. Again. And again. Over and over.

And that’s really good news for those of us that like to laugh and have a good time!

Are you one of us…?

If so, then proceed and enjoy!

1. Doesn’t ring true, does it?

2. Ouch. Doctors, did you see this one?

3. Didn’t really happen that way.

4. Just throw those in the trash.

5. Worked for me.

6. Mistaken identity.

7. I’m with you on this one.

8. How did that happen?

9. That central AC is crucial.

10. Major crisis going on here.

11. I see…

12. Coming together for a good cause.

13. No, but that’s a good move.

14. Listen to this, people.

15. Reach for the stars!

Oh ladies of Twitter, you never fail to deliver!

Keep it up!