What day is it again? How long are we into this thing? By now a lot of us don’t have any idea what day it is anymore.

It could be Tuesday, it could be Saturday. We’re all CLUELESS.

But at least that leads to a lot of good comedy and humor on social media, right?

Sure it does! And here’s the proof!

1. Okay, you’re in the clear.

Because you never knew what day it was anyway.

2. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

I’ve left the house without shoes a few times lately.


3. This person is losing it.

Get it together!!!


4. It doesn’t matter anymore…

Remember when we used to know what day it was?

5. That’s really gonna throw parents for a loop.

It should be a loooooooong summer.

6. Thanks for the update!

Here come the waterworks…


7. This tweet speaks the TRUTH!

Thank goodness for The Last Dance.


8. The weird weeks are piling up.

Do you know what month it is, though?


9. Happy Halloween?

Wait, is it Halloween yet? Or Christmas?

10. Might be Sunday…

But, you never really know, do you…?

11. Exactly! What f’ing month is it?

It could be August for all I know.

12. You and everyone else.

This is now your life…

Well, I think it’s safe to say that those tweets are pretty hilarious…and very accurate.

Now, let’s hear from all of you out there.

In the comments, tell us how you’re holding up and if YOU know what day it is.

We can’t wait to hear from you!