Funny Tweets From Parents Who Just Needed to Vent a Little Bit


Oh, parents…this sure is a tough time, isn’t it?

You’re stuck at home with the kids. Remote learning is taking up all of your time. The young ones can’t see their friends, so it’s up to you to keep them entertained…and the list goes on and on…

So that’s why it’s important to take to Twitter sometimes so you can vent about your kids or at least provide your fellow parents with some comedy relief…and I have a feeling that they’re really glad it’s not happening ot them…

Enjoy these funny parenting tweets while you have a few minutes of alone time!

1. This is very smart.

I gotta say, I’m impressed.

2. But those are the only things.

Otherwise, I’d be doing it.

3. Take it or leave it.

What do you want from me?

4. Maybe next week?

Don’t ask me that again!

5. No, don’t worry about it?

Just let it go.

6. Let’s go back to your original question.

In other words, let’s talk about death.

7. Thank you for that.

Very sanitary, don’t you think?

8. Might be time for therapy.

There’s a lot going on here…

9. That IS really cute!

How adorable is this kid?!?!

10. Life not imitating art.

That’s too bad.

11. I didn’t do anything…

You’ll get yours soon enough…

12. You did what you had to do.


Okay, parents, now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, please tell us how it’s going in your household with your kids right now.

We can’t wait to hear from all of you out there!