If you’re living that book life, these tweets are gonna make a whole lot of sense to you. They’re funny and exactly on-point.

So let’s take a deep dive into funny book tweets. Who knew there were so many?!?!

Nerd alert!

1. Way to go!

2. I think you messed up.

3. Check out this exchange.

4. What about ‘On the Road’?

5. Might not have been a great idea.

6. Seems a little odd…

7. Here we go again.

8. What a sad little life.

9. Non-stop sobbing.

10. That’s how it happened.

11. I will publish this book.

12. Very fancy.

13. What did I do?

14. Hey o! Zinger!

Those are right up my alley! Like I said, I’m a book lover!

What about you? Are books kind of your thing?

Fill us in on your favorite writers and genres in the comments! Let’s get nerdy!