If you’ve been working at home for the last little while AND your partner has too, then you know the deal…

You’ve learned what your partner’s work personality is really like and you’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And now that you’ve been through the gauntlet, we have a treat for you!

Enjoy these funny tweets that accurately reflect the ins and outs of working from home with that special loved one…take a look.

1. This is getting pretty ugly, huh?

He’s really gonna be in for it if he keeps this up.

2. He never knew this before.

This is the kind of thing you never want someone to know about.

3. What’s going on in that house?

Your co-workers will never look at you the same way again.

4. Hello…nice to meet you…

Please don’t make me do that again.

5. I wouldn’t go back into that room if I were you.

It’s in your best interest.

6. This might cause him to get fired.

Are you happy now? What have you done?

7. I’m still waiting over here!

This smoothie isn’t going to make itself!

8. Isn’t this great?!?!

Well…maybe not so much…

9. I’ll be over here on the sidelines.

Listening to the whole thing!

10. I never thought of it this way…

Makes a lot of sense though!

11. You need to record this stuff!

Sounds like fun!

12. Not off to a great start.

Sorry about that…

Are you working from home these days?

If so, tell us how it’s going in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!