It kind of seems like this current situation we find ourselves in is like a total flip-flop of the world we lived in only a couple of months ago.

Instead of meeting up with family in friends, we now get together and chat over Zoom calls. (A side note about that, is everyone out there dealing with a never-ending barrage of Zoom calls? People I haven’t spoken to in years now want me to “jump on a Zoom call…”…it’s all very strange).

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

This stay-at-home order is affecting everyone differently, and introverts are feeling it in their own special way.

Here are some very funny tweets about living the lockdown life as an introvert.

1. I am on board with this.

Enough with the Zoom calls!

2. That is very pushy.

Just hit DECLINE every time.

3. You’ve been ready for this.

Pssshhhhttt, six feet is nothing.

4. I’ll be celebrating at home, thank you.

No get-togethers…ever.

5. How does this thing work?

I just can’t seem to figure it out!

6. But only for a second…

Sometimes, they don’t even notice.

7. Let’s just ban it from our vocabulary.


8. Yeah, that’s not good.

I guess you can go sit in your car for a while?

9. Counting the days.

They aren’t moving very fast though, are they?

10. That’s a good life plan.

You’ll get to them at some point…maybe…

11. There are no excuses anymore.

This is REALLY not going well.

12. You’re a hero!

Keep doing your part!

Now we want to hear from all of you out there!

How are you holding up? Are you spending this lockdown time alone or do you have other folks in your home with you? Are you going nuts?

Give us a life update in the comments, please! And remember to be safe out there!