There is really no rhyme or reason behind the funny and wholesome tweets you’re about to see.

The only common theme here is that they’re about our beloved dogs and cats that bring so much joy into our lives on a daily basis.

As I type out this article, a 50-pound black pooch named Coco is sleeping on my feet, keeping me warm and bringing a huge smile to my face. I mean, what else can you really ask for?!?!

So, without further ado, enjoy these tweets about cats and dogs that we think will bring a big smile to your face.

1. Really? You bypassed all that stuff?

Well, that’s not cool.

2. What’s that sound?

Don’t you know you’re a dog?

3. Please leave me alone.

I need more sleep…and less singing.

4. Look at this guy!

I’m a big fan of Henry’s!

5. Plotting your demise.

You better believe it!

6. Keep it coming!

I love it!

7. Also my dog, now.

I hope you’re cool with that.

8. Yeah, how’s that gonna work?

We need them!

9. Buster Bond.

At your service.

10. Halloween can be every day!

Even today!

11. The kindness of humans…

Doesn’t really mean all that much to them…

12. Gotta keep ’em warm.

Well, isn’t that cute?!?!

13. OH MY GOD.

I need to meet this dog in person.

Now we want to hear from you!

If you have dogs and cats in your house, share some photos of them with us in the comments and introduce them to us!

We look forward to it!