The reviews are in, and it seems that pretty much everyone across the board thinks that the new Cats movie is a major disaster.

The movie is currently sitting at a 19% favorability rating among critics on Rotten Tomatoes, so you know there’s probably something bad going on here.

Let’s see what people on Twitter think about this new flick…

1. Let’s make this a book.

2. Thank you for this.

3. Stressin’ out!

4. Why? Why? Why?

5. LOLing for days.

6. Give it some time.

7. What kind of drugs are you on?

8. Going to new depths.

9. The reviews are in!

10. I guess that’s something.

11. It will always be here among us.

12. This is great.


14. Time to say goodbye.

15. I wish I could’ve been at that critic screening.

Have you seen Cats yet? What did you think?

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