Funny Pics of Cats Who Are Dealing With Humans Being Home All the Time

(C)Unsplash,Nirzar Pangarkar


Cats can be very solitary creatures and they definitely like their alone time.

But right now they’re having to deal with their humans being around the house all day instead of at the office for 8 or 9 hours each day.

Hey, we’re all adjusting…and some are our felines.

Here are some funny posts about how our cats are dealing with the current situation.

1. You need to look professional, okay?

2. It’s best to be friends.

3. Six feet apart.

4. Both of them are doing great.

5. What are they talking about?

6. Bad kitty!

7. This isn’t going well.

8. Not following directions.

9. Totally unacceptable.

10. Educating the kids.

11. Business partners.

12. Time’s up.

Hey, it’s a work in progress, right?

But we’ll get through it and we’re lucky to have our pets to help us out!

How are your pets behaving right now?

Share a pic or story (or both) with us in the comments!