Working in an office can be many things: boring, infuriating, soulless, etc.

But at least people are able to see a lot of humor in it and then they share those funny thoughts with the rest of us on social media.

So pretend like you’re working and take a few minutes to enjoy these tweets about the realities of office life.

1. Sounds great!

2. Sorry I exist…

3. Join the team.

4. I’ll be over here, lurking.

5. Just respect it.

6. Sorry about that…

7. Don’t mess with Greg.

8. Can’t you tell I’m very busy?

9. What did it do?

10. I can’t handle this right now!

11. Working very hard.

12. The only thing you could come up with.

13. Now you’re working.

14. Keep it going, Todd!

15. That would be excellent.

Those tweets are right on the money about office life, that’s for sure.

How about you? What’s the latest news/gossip/ridiculousness from your workplace?

Tell us in the comments!