It’s hard to imagine a world before self-checkout, isn’t it?

A world where we all had to stay in long lines at the store, patiently waiting our turn for the cashier to finally get to us. And then you had to go through the whole process of, “How are you?” “How is your day going?” “Would you like paper or plastic?”

We’re living in a different world now, people! And I’m here for it!

That is, except for when I have produce…because I’m scared to look up the codes on the big, scary computer…

Anyway, enjoy these funny tweets about self-checkout!

1. A little help over here?

Hey, I’m not any happier about this then you are!

2. It sounds like you have a new job.

That’s a good thing…I think…

3. I don’t like where this is headed.

It’s a slippery slope.

4. This one was your fault.

Sorry about that…won’t happen again…

5. Sounds like a blast.

Maybe these things aren’t such a good idea…

6. You’re gonna get busted.

I’m just sayin’…you’re playing with fire.

7. It’s not worth it!

Crime doesn’t pay, people…

8. That’s pretty funny.

Mom never saw it coming, huh?

9. Are you trying to make me nervous?

Because it’s definitely working…

10. And now, representing the United States of America…

Did you win a medal?

11. Yeah, enough of that already.

I’m just trying to buy some groceries here.

12. You are a REBEL.

And we salute you…

Okay, it’s confession time, people…

What’s your worst experience with self-checkout at the store?

Tell us your tales of misery in the comments. Thanks a lot!