Picture this: it’s late on a Saturday night, you’ve had a few too many Zimas and before you know it, you’re crashed out on your couch zooming through your phone looking for people to text.

And then, on Sunday morning, you look through your phone to try to retrace your steps and you see what you’ve done…whoops!

And if you’re not following an Instagram account called Texts From Last Night, you really should be, because that’s the kind of embarrassing stuff that they specialize in.

Are you ready to see some of their greatest hits? Let’s take a look!

1. I thought that was gonna be worse.

Much worse…


2. Ouch, didn’t see that one coming.

Now we need a backstory on this.


3. Talking to your laundry again?

It might be time to talk to someone…


4. A real gentleman.

Someone get this guy a medal!


5. This was a group message.

That is pretty incredible, if you ask me.


6. Alex, you’re really pushing it.

But the answer is still NO.


7. Sounds like a wild night!

I’m sorry I missed out on this one…


8. We have a lot in common, Katie.

Now let’s discuss it over an Appletini sometime.


9. Too many deck pics floating around out there.

Actually, this is very clever.


10. Got the name wrong?!?!

And the story sounds like a LIE.


11. Might have overdone it on the coffee.

Hey, we all do it sometimes…


12. Zing! Shouldn’t have called them a weirdo.

Did you learn a lesson today?


13. This is really not going well.

Time to call it a night.


Wow…some people, I’ll tell ya…

How about you? Have you had any really uncomfortable or weird texts that you think could probably end up in one of these articles?

If so, please tell us about them in the comments.