If you think you’ll only find normal, reasonable things on the job networking website LinkedIn, think again.

As you already probably know, people are just plain weird, and the professional world is no different, my friends. Even the folks who seem the most successful and put-together can be strange, to say the very least.

And we’re in luck, because a Twitter account called Crap on LinkedIn shows us just how very ridiculous the world of job hunting and recruiting can really be.

Are you ready to get weird…professionally speaking? Well, let’s get it going!


1. A bug’s life.

That’s pretty weird.

2. That’s a very long PowerPoint.

Some people…I swear…

3. Keep it casual, bro!

He’s one of us!

4. The Emoji Wars of 2020.

Things are heating up.

5. This is EPIC.

The man. The myth. The legend.

6. Looking for a GOALfriend.

Maybe we should all be looking for this.

7. Grow or decay.

This guy needs to relax.

8. Think you’re up for it?

He’s letting you in on a big secret! Don’t blow it!

9. Showing off his car.

I’m very impressed!

10. Read it again!

And again. And again.

11. You can’t have any kind of personal life!

Is that clear?

12. Maybe a little TMI?

Too much information?

13. Here’s the checklist.

The only one you’ll ever need…

Have you ever come across any really ridiculous people while you’ve been looking for jobs? Or maybe some outrageous job posts?

Yeah you have. We ALL have.

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks!