Dogs as babushkas? Hey, why the hell not?!?!

I’m all in!

Dogs wear every other piece of clothing known to man, so why not this classic look, right?

These really made my day…

1. Pugs are just a perfect fit for this look.

2. Two of a kind.

3. Here’s looking at you.

4. An old soul.

5. All decked out.

6. Why did you do this to me?

7. Can I get a treat now?

8. Time for a cold drink.

9. She wants some borscht.

10. Very regal.

11. Feelin’ it.

12. In the old country…

I love those pics! I love them so much I need to go get a dog-babushka for my enjoyment!

Do you ever do this with your pooch?

If so, please, please, please share some pics with us in the comments! We will be forever grateful!