There comes a point in every cat’s daily routine where they seem to lose their sh*t for no reason at all.

It’s like they’re pre-programmed and their brain short circuits at least once a day. And when that happens? Look out, because anything goes.

They might run around jumping off the walls, they might stare at the wall and you’ll begin to think your house is haunted, or they might fall asleep in some totally strange position.

Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: cats are just plain WEIRD.

These photos come from a Reddit forum called “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?”

Let’s take a look.

1. Is that Dracula?

Don’t disturb the dead…

He fell asleep like this. from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

2. A very dramatic cat.

What are you screaming about now?

Meet Katsu: a dramatic and needy boi screaming for his hooman from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

3. What are you looking at?

Don’t mess with this kitty.

This seems like a good place for Laurie to chill (Fry in the background) from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

4. Large and in charge.

Is she alive, though?

Sadie big stretchin’ in the sun looks like a mirror camera effect… but she’s just löng from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

5. I’m over here!

What the heck are you doing?!?!

Don’t know how he got there. He cries until I come look at him from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

6. He is weird, indeed.

Care to explain this?

My friend’s explanation is “he’s just weird, idk” from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

7. The bread hunter.

Beware of him out in the wild.

Some cats hunt mice and bring them to you as a gift. My cat hunts bread. from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

8. This isn’t funny!

Well, it kind of is…

My mom’s cat. 100% stuck and not nearly as amused as I was. from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

9. Make yourself at home.

Are you comfortable?

Whatever is comfy I guess from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

10. The whisker demon.

That has a nice ring to it…

The whisker demon has returned to assert dominance while I clean up her hairball. from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

11. Very long…

And she can fit just about anywhere.

longè from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

12. You’re home!

Now…what’s for dinner?

Even more heartwarming is that it was a “mommy’s home” reaction. from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

13. A little camera-shy…

I’m sure she’ll warm up very soon…hopefully.

Family just got a new cat, haven’t met her yet but this is the first picture my mom sent me of her lol from WhatsWrongWithYourCat

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