Parents, we know that if your kids are of a certain age, you’ve already taken them to see Frozen 2…at least once. There’s no escape, and you know it.

Just remember, you’ll be hearing your kids sing the songs from this movie for the next couple years, so get used to it and go with the flow.

Just let it go.

Let us begin…

1. Look what you started.

2. Taking it to a new level.

3. She’s had enough.

4. She needs to learn.

5. Booyah!

6. You’ll probably have to camp out.

7. Might need to hit that 100 mark.

8. Couldn’t go with that one.

9. Oh, great…

10. That’s nacho cheese!

11. Done for a while…


13. This is what you have to look forward to.

14. Lots of snoozing going on.

15. Aw. That’s nice

How many times have you taken your kids to see Frozen 2 so far?

Let us know all about it in the comments!