I love holiday movies! Some of my favorites are Beautiful GirlsDie Hard (it is a Christmas movie, okay?), and of course, the classic A Christmas Story.

Let’s enjoy some funny tweets about holidays flicks in all their glory!

1. Heard that.

2. And again…and again…

3. Plot twist.

4. Might be time to get some new kids.

5. Think about that one…

6. Doesn’t seem like he’d be a great dog owner.

7. Time to move on.

8. You knew this was coming.

9. I’m reminded of this every year.


10. That looks to be the case…


11. That’s basically the plot.

12. Worried about The Grinch.

13. A pure legend.

14. Mind = Blown.

15. That’s a tough one to swallow.

What are your favorite holiday movies?

Share them with us in the comments!