There are teachers that are kind of apathetic who just go along for the ride, and then there are legitimately bad teachers who probably shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a classroom.

The teachers people talked about in these tweets definitely belong in the latter category.

Let’s relive our school days with some tales of bad teachers!

1. You’re doing it all wrong.

2. That sure backfired.

3. No talking…ever.

4. That’s really bad.

5. Sounds like a gem.

6. Harsh as hell.

7. The last laugh.

8. We get graded on that?

9. You’re going to HELL.

10. That’s pretty creepy.

11. Still didn’t get fired.

12. That’s a strange threat.

13. Teacher of the Year?

Yikes…I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with any of these teachers during my school days.

Do you remember your worst teacher? Or maybe it was multiple teachers?

Tell us all about them in the comments below. Go ahead and put them on blast!