We’re all pretty used to seeing protest signs this year…but not like these.

Let me introduce you to Seth, otherwise known as “Dude With Sign.”

He’s not spending his time out on the street raging against the machine like a lot of people are right now.

Instead, Seth is using his platform to take on annoying, everyday things that really get on his nerves. And, we have to admit, he’s pretty hilarious.

No, we’re not making light of the real injustice that is happening in the world right now, but it is good to have some breaks so we can laugh once in a while…

Let’s take a look.

1. Stop asking for it!

Drives me nuts.

2. This is true.

Call your Dad today!

3. Everyone should know this by now.

And yet, here we are…

4. This is brilliant.

You know you forget all the time.

5. Yes! Thank you!

We all need this in our lives.

6. Absolutely on-point.

Enough with the video calls!

7. Keep ’em coming!

Amen to this one!

8. Not well at all…

Is that how you should actually respond, though?

9. From the Fourth of July.

And…he’s right…

10. Leave it all on TikTok, okay?

We don’t need to see that anywhere else.

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I support this wholeheartedly.

12. Keep being safe.

We aren’t out of the woods yet…not even close.

This guy’s sign game is ON POINT.

Have you seen any funny signs lately? Maybe on restaurants or churches?

If so, please share the with us in the comments.

Thanks fam!