While the world burns around us, at least we have funny jokes, right?

Sure, why the hell not? It’s not like we have much to lose!

While the coronavirus has ravaged the United States and a big chunk of the world, things maybe, kind of, hopefully are sort of getting on the right rack, so that’s progress…kind of…

But, in the meantime, we need to stay home as much as possible, wear a mask when we go out in public, practice social distancing, and LAUGH at jokes and memes that will lighten your mental load just a little bit.

So what do you say? Wanna give it a shot?

Let’s go!

1. This is good.

And it’s true!

2. Listen to her, people!

She knows what she’s talking about.

3. Isn’t that ironic?

Jeez, get a grip.

don’t leave home without it
byu/tteeggeerr inmemes

4. Amen to this!

Just wear the darn thing!

5. Yeah, pretty much.

But it won’t get me, right? Right?!?!


6. Read the fine print.

Just stay home if you’re gonna make a big deal out of it.

Masks Required
byu/monkeymidd inCoronavirusMemes

7. It might end up happening that way.

People sure are dumb, huh?

8. Oh no!

That really doesn’t look good, comrade.

9. Even God knows what’s up.

It’s really not that hard!

10. I’m well-prepared for this.

In my natural habitat.

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

11. It’s all right now.

No more mystery for that!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

12. We can learn a lot from Bigfoot.

He’s been avoiding people for decades!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

13. Yes, we can agree with that.

And don’t try to tell us otherwise!

Photo Credit: pleated-jeans

Let’s hope that we get back on the right track sooner than later with this thing.

In the comments, tell us how you’re holding up!

And remember to stay safe out there and to wear a mask when you go out in public!