Baby dolls are already one of the most objectively creepy things on Earth–just ask anyone who’s spent a night in Aunt Jessica’s guest bedroom, surrounded by her army of dead-eyed, lacy minions. But leave it to the internet to come up with a way to make dolls even creepier: by turning doll’s heads into planters.

Now, to be fair, reusing an old doll head is more eco-friendly than buying a new pot. It’s up to you whether or not that’s worth it. For me, I’ll take a larger carbon footprint in exchange for not being menaced by tiny monstrosities.

Here are some weird-ass doll head planters that will hopefully convince you never to go outside again.


They’re so cute you won’t even mind when they harvest your organs!


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“How was your Tinder date?”

“It was fine, until I saw the cactus.”


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If you were lost in those woods for 10 days with no food or water, and you stumbled across that house, you’d turn right around and go back into the forest.


Hold one of these doll heads up to you ear and you can hear the screams of its previous victims.


Like we’re not going to notice S&M Barbie?


Perfect for your next garden party or Satanic cult meeting.


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Well, now we know what it would look like if Jeffrey Dahmer had gone into landscaping instead of serial killing.


These are great if you’re the sort of person who sided with the witch against Hansel and Gretel. (Those trespassing little vandals.)


Bringing over guests and showing them these is another way of saying, “My walls are soundproofed.”


Sweet dreams!

h/t: Scary Mommy, Monica Willard