When it comes to photos, the 1980’s are one of the most awkward decades. The outfits, the hair, and the “go for it” attitude adds up to photos that are as funny as they are dated. One couple was so inspired by this vintage awkwardness that they decided to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with a 1980’s-themed photoshoot.

Steve and Danielle Van Horn of Ohio share a love of old “Throwback Thursday”-style photos people post on social media, and with their 10th anniversary just around the corner, Danielle came up with the idea for the shoot. Both saw a chance to showcase their goofy sense of humor. “I wear a suit to work most days,” Steve said. “Our closest friends know we’re goofs but many people outside of our circle don’t know us for being quite so silly.”

An 80’s-themed photoshoot isn’t something you just throw together. Once they had the idea, it took a couple trips to thrift stores to find all the costumes and accessories they needed. Steve had to grow out his mustache for a week. Danielle used her “naturally big hair” to come up with some 80’s-approved teased hairdos.

Once they were ready, they hired photographer Vanessa Hoffman, owner of Giggle Monster Photography, for the shoot. Not only did they nail the outfits, they captured the painful earnestness often seen in photos from the time. All in all it’s an awesomely awkward anniversary project.

1. Gotta have the laser backdrop.

2. You knew there would be workout clothes.

3. Jazzercise!

4. Let’s not overlook the excellent accessories: Steve’s neon hat and tube socks, and Danielle’s head band and leg warmers.

5. Cloud gazing.

6. Swingset? Use it.

Photo Credit: Giggle
Monster Photography

7. Pretty much everybody took a photo like this in the 80’s.

8. Peekaboo!

9. Every couple needs his and hers fanny packs.

10. They didn’t forget to take an “Awkward senior photo,” either. Crucial.

11. Or an “Awkward prom photo.”

12. Steve, doing his best “80’s Heartthrob.”

13. A possible hover hand sighting.

14. And finally, no 80’s photoshoot is complete without a classic double exposure.


h/t: Buzzfeed