Check out the Cool Work of Street Artist Oakoak



I’m a big fan of street art and a person who goes by the name oakoak on Instagram is killing it in a major way.

Oakoak hails from France and they put a cool spin on everyday things you might encounter on the street.

Let’s look at the work of this prolific artist.

1. Happy panda.

2. The Death of Peace.

3. This is cool.

4. A poignant message.

5. Milhouse is worldwide.

6. The marsupilami.

7. Hitchin’ a ride.

8. Time to lean.

9. Most of the time, yes.

10. Let’s play a game.

Those pieces are awesome!

What do you think of them?

And if you have any other street artists you’re a big fan of, share their work with us in the comments, please!