We always like to end the week on a positive note, and if it’s a funny note as well, even better.

Comedian Nick Kroll appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert last night to promote his new Netflix show, Big Mouth, the gloriously raunchy animated comedy about the struggles of puberty. To “set the mood,” Kroll shared a picture from his own awkward preteen years:

Photo Credit: Nick Kroll

Sharp jacket!

Kroll then challenged Colbert to post an awkward photo from his own preteen years, and Colbert obliged. You might be surprised to learn he was a full-blown Brace Face:

Photo Credit: Stephen Colbert

Now, if this was all for a laugh it would be fun enough, but even better, it’s for a good cause. Colbert challenged other celebrities to share their own adolescent awkwardness on Twitter under the hashtag #PuberMe, and for every photo, Colbert and Kroll will be donating money to Puerto Rico hurricane relief. So not only does everyone get to see our favorite stars in their less-than-glamorous days, people benefit from it, too. Win-win.

You should definitely check out Kroll’s new showBig Mouth, streaming on Netflix right now, but in the meantime you can check out this gallery of #PuberMe photos below:

1. Conan O’Brien

Photo Credit: Conan O’Brien

2. Adam Scott

Photo Credit: Adam Scott

3. Sarah Silverman

Photo Credit: Sarah Silverman

4. Jimmy Kimmel

Photo Credit: Jimmy Kimmel

5. Lena Dunham

Photo Credit: Lena Dunham

6. James Corden

Photo Credit: James Corden

7. Samantha Bee

Photo Credit: Samantha Bee

8. Lin-Manuel Miranda

Photo Credit: Lin-Manuel Miranda

9. Michael Bloomberg

Photo Credit: Michael Bloomberg

10. Judd Apatow

Photo Credit: Judd Apatow

11. America Ferrera

Photo Credit: America Ferrera

12. Kumail Nanjiani

Photo Credit: Kumail Nanjiani

13. Andy Richter

Photo Credit: Andy Richter

14. Kat Dennings

Photo Credit: Kat Dennings

15. Topher Grace

Photo Credit: Topher Grace

16. Angela Kinsey

Photo Credit: Angela Kinsey

17. Mark Duplass

Photo Credit: Mark Duplass

18. Gina Rodriguez

Photo Credit: Gina Rodriguez

19. John Mulaney

Photo Credit: John Mulaney

20. Ike Barinholtz

Photo Credit: Ike Barinholtz


h/t: Someecards