If you don’t know too many showbusiness types, first of all, lucky you. But second, you might not have heard about #OldHeadShotDay. About a week ago, actors and former actors participated in a meme by sharing their old headshots. Similar to non-actors sharing old yearbook photos, posting an old headshot is a way to reflect on how far you’ve come, and have a laugh at your former self. “OMG, look at my frosted tips/feathered bangs/pronounced goiter!”, people would say.

Soon, celebrities began participating in the meme. Knowing how much we idolize famous people, you might be surprised to learn that their¬†old headshots are just as embarrassing as everyone else’s. Bored Panda has compiled the old headshots of the rich and famous, and now you can join in on the cringe-fest.

1. Leslie Jones

Photo Credit: Leslie Jones

2. Natalie Portman

Photo Credit: Natalie Portman

3. Reese Witherspoon

Photo Credit: Reese Witherspoon

4. Ben Stiller

Photo Credit: Ben Stiller

5. Chris Pratt

Photo Credit: Chris Pratt

6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Photo Credit: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

7. Emma Watson

Photo Credit: Emma Watson

8. Mark Hamill

Photo Credit: Mark Hamill

9. Melissa McCarthy

Photo Credit: Melissa McCarthy

10. Viola Davis

Photo Credit: Viola Davis

11. Ryan Reynolds

Photo Credit: Instagram

12. Matt Damon

Photo Credit: Ben Affleck

13. Zach Braff

Photo Credit: Zach Braff

14. Sofia Vergara

Photo Credit: Sofia Vergara

15. Stephen Colbert

Photo Credit: Stephen Colbert


h/t: Bored Panda