If you’ve spent any time around cats at all, you know this fact to be true: they are OBSESSED with cardboard.

You can buy them the most expensive, fancy, state-of-the-art toys and gadgets and all they’ll want to do is play with cardboard.

And you know you’ve seen them only play with the cardboard box that those nice toys came in…

Here are some cats that obviously would never let anything stand in the way of their love for cardboard…let’s take a look…

1. This cat is clearly in charge.

King of the mountain.

2. That looks like a great place to live.

Come into my humble abode.

3. All snuggled up.

A perfect place for a nap.

4. Now that is a castle!

And she seems happy about it.

5. The one in the background isn’t going near that thing.

She knows better…

6. Living the life.

The lounging life, I mean.

7. If it fits, I sits.

He’s all dressed up, too.


These two are headed into battle.

9. Hahaha. This is good.

All cat owners should do this.

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10. Double box time.

Just leave all the boxes here, please.

11. Even the little boxes will work.

What a great looking cat!

12. What’s going on out there?

This is my safe space.

You just can’t keep them away from it, can you???

There’s no doubt about that.

No we’d like to hear from all of the cat owners out there.

In the comments, share a photo of your kitty playing with, in, on, or around cardboard.

Please and thank you!