Halloween may be a few weeks behind us right now, but there are still spooky creatures everywhere!

And one terrifying animal to keep on your radar is the frightening vampire cat. In fact, you may even have one of your own that is snoozing away on your couch at this very moment.

But don’t be fooled. These kitties are vicious and are the spawn of Dracula himself.


1. Welcome to my lair.

2. Action shot.

3. A real bloodsucker.

4. Showing a little fang.

5. Do not even try to pet!

6. Lounging…but still dangerous.

7. Look at this specimen.

8. Cute…but don’t be fooled.

9. The jaws of death.

10. Can those choppers be real…?

Do you have any snapshots of your kitty cat looking like a bloodsucker?

Share them with us in the comments!