Just when you think you’ve seen all the funny tweets that you could possibly ever lay your eyes on, you find a whole batch of new ones that are totally hilarious and redeem your faith in social media users.

And that’s exactly what we have for you today, ladies and gents!

You’ll smile, you’ll laugh, heck, you might even weep at the hilarity. But try not to do that, because you might embarrass yourself…let’s get started!

1. It can be a totally different movie this way!

Right before all the blood…

2. Hey…you doing okay?

This seems a little bit extreme.

3. You must be a master chef.

I can tell by this photo.

4. I care, okay? I care!

About the McRib, that is…

5. I will always love you.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

6. They set the bar pretty low.

That’s all it takes, I guess.

7. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to eat that.

It sounds delicious!

8. Not gonna happen tonight.


9. That’s how I’m really feeling inside.

And it’s not good!

10. Yeah, it’s still not looking great.

Not to be a downer…

11. Doesn’t really seem like you’re working too hard.

Crack open those books!

12. Hahahaha. I don’t know why I think this is so funny.

But it is!

Hey, you! Yeah, you!

We want you to make us laugh now.

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