Maybe  during a quiet hour you’ve wondered, “What would it be like if Awkward Family Photos started a clothing line?” You’d probably imagine some lycra, a leather jacket with fringes, and maybe a hideous sweater or two. But now, you don’t have to imagine anything–you can just check out Balenciaga‘s new spring/summer lineup, inspired by Awkward Family Photos!

The collection, titled the “SS 18 Menswear Show,” is the brainchild of designer Demna Gvasalia, who says the idea was first inspired by “Young dads in the park with their kids.” The clothing line’s ad campaign, which was styled by Lotto Volkova and photographed by Robbie Augspurger, has all the hallmarks of a classic Awkward Family Photo, like cheesy 1990’s backdrops, loud and unflattering clothes, and an overwhelming sense that nobody wants to be in the picture–just like a real family photo! Best of all, one of the families in the ad campaign is a real-life family, which certainly didn’t hurt the authenticity.

Check out the SS18 clothing line below. We might be biased, but we love it.

1. All in the family.

2. Unnecessary trumpet? Check.

3. His neck was never cold again.

4. That’s bush league.

5. Natural fibers are for suckers.

6. Oh look, they’re in the forest!

7. That “When will this be over?” vibe.

8. Lean In

9. Dream On

10. Wind didn’t stand a chance.




h/t: Glam