These photos and this story hit pretty close to home for me because I had a Golden Retriever named Bailey and she was taken from us too young.

Just like this great Golden named Bailey who passed away in 2016 at the young age of seven. But during her lifetime, Bailey became an Instagram favorite with more than 10,000 followers who liked to follow her funny adventures.

Bailey is missed but we still have all the entertaining photos to remember her by.

Let’s take a look at this pooch that we all miss.

1. Bailey’s busy in the kitchen!

Wonder what she was cooking up in there.

2. She was a very hard worker.

And she had the look of determination.

3. You look like you could use a little break.

Knitting is hard work!

4. Are you ready to get some honey?

I can’t get enough of those ears.

5. She sure was a stylish pooch.

No doubt about that!

6. Get out the power sander.

We have some work to do.

7. I mean, she really could do it all.

And she did all the cleaning as well as the cooking. How nice!

8. A studious pup, if there ever was one.

Time to loosen up the tie and take a break.

9. Getting ready for work in the morning.

Another day, another dollar.

10. Look at that beautiful bounty.

Anyone care for a snack.

11. I’ll be out taking care of yard work if you need me.

A very multi-talented dog.

12. R.I.P. Bailey. We miss you!

We’ll see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge someday.

We miss you, Bailey!

Let’s keep the love going, shall we?

In the comments, share some photos of your dogs and tell us a little bit about them.

Thanks a lot!