The lockdown has made people react in all different kinds of ways.

And for some folks who are artistically inclined, they decided to use this downtime to pursue new and creative ways to express themselves.

Some people have learned to cook, some have dedicated their lives to exercise, and others have decided to take their art in new directions.

An artist who goes by the name of paperboyo decided to combine paper cutouts and everyday household objects to recreate movie scenes that I think will look very familiar to you.

Let’s take a look at his work. These are really cool and unique!

1. Did you see Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood?

If you did, this might look familiar.

2. Captain America comin’ right at ya’!

Watch out for that thing!

3. No time for love, Dr. Jones.

This one is great.

4. Now this one took some time.

But he really nailed it!

5. Beware of the dinosaurs.

You might have to run for it!

6. Bond, James Bond.

And now he’s armed with Windex.

7. This one is amazing.

Say hello to my little friend.

8. Do you recognize these fellas?

I’m willing to bet that you do…

9. Watch this video! It rules!

Eat my dust, partner.

10. A boy and his best friend.

It’s time to take flight.

Those are great!

I have to say that I’m partial to Indiana Jones, myself…

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