I always feel like…somebody’s watching me!

And so does an artist named Keith Larsen.

If you see faces in regular, random objects, there’s actually a name for that. It’s called pareidolia and Larsen must have a pretty extreme case of it, because he’s always making funny creations based on the things he sees in everyday life.

As Larsen puts it, “I bring objects to life by illustrating them into characters.”

Remember to click right on the posts that have arrows so you can see the original photos that inspired Larsen’s work.

Let’s take a look!

1. You don’t see red toilet paper that often.

But we’re here for it!

2. The door knocker has come alive.

It’s alive!

3. I love this one!

Very, very cool.

4. Angry pot!

Come on, don’t scowl like that!

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Who ever gives this the best name gets a shout out in my story!

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5. A very unusual sweet potato.

That is now a lovable character.

6. H0lding it all on your back.

You got it! I think…

7. You knew a video game controller had to be in there.

It’s just perfect.

8. A death metal pig.

Totally epic!

9. Show those pearly whites!


10. That backpack is staring at you.

And it’s very tight-lipped.

11. Would you look at that!

How adorable!

12. The face in the USB charger.

He’s kind of freakin’ out.

13. Those slippers are very happy!

And we hope that you are, too!

Do you ever see faces in everyday objects?

If so, tell us all about the things that you see out there in the world.

We can’t wait to hear from you!