First world problems sure are tough, aren’t they? An artist named Nils Sjöberg knows it’s true, and that’s why he illustrates these problems for all of us to enjoy. And they are on point and hilarious.

And Sjöberg’s first world problems got even worse in 2016 when he discovered that pop star Taylor Swift uses his name as an alias when writing her songs. What a tragedy!

1. The Dentist Asks Me Questions While His Fingers Are In My Mouth

2. Taylor Swift Buried Me (Nils Sjöberg) In Her New Music Video

3. I Stepped On A Wet Patch On The Floor. Now I Have To Change Socks

4. I Accidentally Turned On My Front-Face Camera

5. My Smartphone Is Too Big For My Pocket

6. The Guy Next To Me Occupies The Armrest At The Cinema

7. The Banana Doesn’t Fit In My Banana Case

8. Taylor Swift Uses My Name (Nils Sjöberg) As An Alias When She Produces Pop Songs

9. I Have To Keep Holding On To The Hood Of My Coat When It Snows

10. A Guy At The Gym Chose The Locker Below Mine, Even Though All Others Were Free

11. Stones Get Stuck In My Vans’ Shoe Soles

12. The Remote Control To My Garage Door Has Ran Out Of Battery. Now I Have To Open It Manually

13. My Glasses Are Fogging Up When I Enter The Supermarket

14. My Boyfriend Used The Last Coffee Grains So I Didn’t Have Any Coffee This Morning

15. I Can’t Decide Which Selfie To Post

16. I Could Only See Clouds When I Flew To Germany The Other Day

17. My Avocados Are Too Hard

18. I Have Too Large Calves To Wear Slim Fit Jeans

19. I’m Totally Addicted To My Iphone

20. I Always Put Too Much Stuff In My Taco