Man, the poor Karens of the world really can’t catch a break lately, can they?

They’ve become the poster child for the lady who “wants to speak to the manager,” and now THIS.

But maybe they actually deserve all this criticism? All I’m saying is that this didn’t appear out of nowhere, okay?

Let’s get on with it…pssshhhhtttt…Karens…

1. Thanks for that…for eternity.

2. You know it exists.

3. I’m dead, isn’t that enough?

4. A terrible idea.

5. They just appear.

6. These are facts.

7. A great relationship.

8. I quit!

9. That’s REALLY harsh.

10. You’re doing it!

11. Now you’re in trouble…

12. That is a very good observation.

To all the Karens out there…we’re sorry if we offended you.

But it had to be done!

If you are a Karen who is pretty stable and normal, please sound off in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!