Life is depressing…and even the animals know that’s the truth!

And an Instagram account called “Animals Got Problems” really nails this fact of life.

Take a look at these comics because they will make you laugh AND nod your head in agreement.


1. Livin’ that pig life.

Just doing your thing…

2. Hoping to get some likes.

Animals do it too, you know.

3. The market is pretty nuts right now.

Ain’t that the truth?!?!

4. Try to focus on the good stuff.

Life is too short!

5. I’m with you on that.

The world is a mystery.

6. Join the club!

But you gotta just keep moving forward!

7. Are you a sheep?

Nothing wrong with that…

8. You’re tearing me apart!

Have you seen The Room? It’s a classic.

9. You have no idea…

It’s been a wild ride!

10. Don’t even bother.

Stay dirty!

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