You had one job!

And that job was to create a simple yet effective advertisement for something…and these people failed miserably.

I actually feel pretty sorry for the poor souls behind these fails…because they might not have jobs anymore…

Let’s take a look at some advertising hiccups that will probably make you shake your head.

1. Really? Who is responsible for this?

It’s really not a good look, people!

2. When that WANK van pulls up outside, you know it’s gonna be a good day.

They’re here!

3. Safety first does not apply to this company.

A really, really terrible idea.

4. I see what you did there…

But you know at leat a few people are going to get worked up about this.

5. Click on the right arrow in this post to see a whole bunch of weird ones.

Think about the children!

6. They needed a test to see if she was pregnant.

We really couldn’t tell!

7. Where do I sign up?

You’re about to get some really weird customers. Just sayin’.

8. This poor guy.

I bet he didn’t see this coming.

9. This was not a good advertising campaign.

You’re sending the wrong message!

10. Are you hungry?

I wonder if the person responsible for this got fired…

11. Are you up for a puke bowl?

Sounds delicious!

12. Coming right to your door!

Do you think their business picked up?

Yikes…those are not good…

Have you seen any really funny advertising fails lately?

Well, don’t hog ’em! Share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!