Terrifying weather events seem to be the norm these days and, with pretty much every single person on the planet having a camera on their phone, we are seeing a lot more first-hand accounts of brushes with extreme weather.

And this story and video come to us from New Zealand and the effects of Cyclone Gabrielle that hit the country in February 2023.

A woman named Dayna Nuku was driving in her hometown of Omahu with her family trying to escape floodwaters and reach a bridge over the Ngaruroro River. That’s when the family’s car became inundated with water.

Photo Credit: Storyful,Dayna Nuku

Nuku decided they had to try to risk driving through a raging current to get to the bridge and escape to safety from the floodwaters.

The water continued to fill up the car but she decided that they had to risk the danger in order to get to higher ground.

Photo Credit: Storyful,Dayna Nuku

Thankfully, the family made it to the bridge and to safety.

Nuku said, “I had a feeling no one was coming for us and the only way out that we knew for sure that it was the safest and fastest way was over the bridge. It was the same way the rescue people went, over the bridge.”

Photo Credit: Storyful,Dayna Nuku

Take a look at the terrifying video below.

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