Getting let go from a job is never fun…but you can choose to be positive about it and have a good attitude or you can be negative.

And this was certainly one way to celebrate a last day of work in style

A woman named Simona who was working for TikTok vlogged her final day on the job at the social media platform.

Photo Credit: TikTok

And she encouraged viewers to come with her as she stole company “assets” from TikTok such as candy, chips, and chocolate bars.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Check out her video of her last day of work at TikTok.

@simonacruzer It’s the least I deserve ok!!!!! #techlayoff #techlayoffs2023 #imokay #haha #thisisajoke ♬ original sound – Simona

In a follow-up video, Simona explained that she was laid off from her contract position a month prior to her last day and used that time to try to find another position, and that’s why she was still allowed in the building and was able to make the video.

@simonacruzer Replying to @lutanna_ ♬ original sound – Simona

Here’s what folks had to say in reaction to Simona’s video.

One viewer said,

“It feels very meta to watch you get fired from Tiktok while on Tiktok.”

Another person commented,

“These tech layoffs are getting ridiculous. Seems like an inefficient way to save money.”

And another individual added,

“Tiktok has got to be making the most money out of any social platform atm. proves these layoffs are for company benefit & not result of an economic downturn.”

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