There are some parts of my youth that I wish I could relive, but one thing I definitely do not miss at all is having to do group projects in high school and college.

It sounds fine in theory as long as everyone does their part…but we all know that someone always ends up being a lazy good-for-nothing, and suddenly a simple assignment becomes a nightmare.

We recently got a perfect example of this kind of slackery via an infuriating Reddit thread – but luckily it comes with a helping of some very poetic justice.

Photo Credit: Reddit

I bet “Elias” wasn’t expecting that! Justice feels so good sometimes!

Naturally, the people of Reddit had plenty to say, with most of them applauding OP’s course of action.

Screw him over? He’s screwing you over by not doing his work and then lying to you. What the hell goes through these people’s minds?

D**n OP. I love how respectful you were and then you just straight up destroyed him with a single question.
Good on you, especially for saying you would do his part. Hit him with the double whammy.
– u/purgarus

“If you try to f*ck me over”? Nah Elias f**ked Elias over.

It turns out that there’s actually even a whole subreddit dedicated specifically to terrible group project members:

You need to post this to r/sh^ttygroupmembers, they’d love it!

So if you’re ever in the mood to…I don’t know, relive your wayward youth? Then head on over.

Memories of high school are calling your name…