Sports betting is all the rage these days AND it’s easier than ever because all you have to do is sit in your recliner with a cold drink, tap away on your phone, and place bets on whatever you want to.

And a man named Cameron Craig hit the jackpot in a major way when he turned a $5 parlay bet into…wait for it…$72,795…yes, you read that number correctly…

Craig placed a $5 bet that four specific players would score the first four touchdowns in the NFL Divisional Round games. The players he picked were Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Goedert of the Philadelphia Eagles, Ja’Marr Chase of the Cincinnati Bengals, and Dalton Schultz of the Dallas Cowboys.

Craig was offered a payout of $1,393.56 after the first three players scored but he opted to press his luck and see if Dalton Schultz could bring him home the big money.

And then guess what happened…?

Dalton Schultz came through!

I think Craig owes this guy a steak dinner.

Here’s the video of the big moment when Craig realized he just hit the jackpot.

Some folks reacted to the video he posted and said they couldn’t understand how the payday was life-changing money, so Craig responded with another tweet to set the record straight.

I’d say that’s life-changing, wouldn’t you?!?!

What a great story!

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